About Us

Software Development Company Founded by Industry experts

We know

We know it’s not easy.
Companies looking to outsource software development have to navigate between expensive Google/cloud providers and cost-cutting freelancers who charge less but don't offer any guidance.

We Guarantee

  • The highest quality web or mobile app or back-end solution.
  • Aligned with your business strategy.
  • On time and on budget.

Here we are

The balance you’re looking for, Our purpose is to build solutions that really last. We reuse technology where it makes sense, which helps projects go faster, with coding that is more reliable, a schedule that is easier to predict and a budget into which we can pack more value. But we are also fast to explore and adopt emerging tech and we are active contributors to the open source community.

What we do

Custom Software Solutions

With wide experience in building specialized Software for different fields including: blockchain agriculture, Community Social Network, Healthcare, Insurance and Public transportation. Our tailor-made Solutions will meet your industry needs.

Startup Accompaniment

We have wide experience in bootstrapping. We can take your startup idea and build it to "minimum viable product" before your team takes over. We can help you launch quickly, with a codebase that scales with your business and users.


A high-level CTO, is someone who can understand the business drivers and align technologies to meet the business objectives. We bring the industry experience, deep networks and technical expertise when you need it, how you need it and for only as long as you need it.